Monday 24 September 2007 - down for maintenance?

... or down for good?

I don't know if they're rebuilding the site, fixing a bug, or inventing a new programming language with which to write groovy new scripts, but dang ... is that thing ever going to come back up?


Unknown said...

Agreed, it's been down for at least two or three weeks now. Doesn't exactly help foster a thriving conversation.

At the very least they could post a message letting users know what's going on.


Anonymous said...

Considering the site was running straight for 8 years, maintenance was inevitable, and I believe they announced the downtime in advance.

Best site about Winnipeg, still.

cherenkov said...

It seemed to catch most of the regulars off guard (me being one of them).

Good point though, and cudos to the volunteers for keeping it going.

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