Sunday 11 May 2008


Good thing I didn't eat before I read this:

the voice of Free Press columnist Gordon Sinclair Jr. trembled last night when he talked about receiving his latest National Newspaper Award. ... NNA judges lauded Sinclair Jr.'s work for "tugging at his readers' heartstrings with powerfully sensitive columns."
One of the powerfully sensitive columns that earned him the hardware was the column that "brought the battle for the future of Upper Fort Garry, one of Canada's most sacred historic sites, to public attention.." I can't tell you which of his 82 columns on Upper Fort Garry that was, but it really doesn't matter. Let me remind you, dear readers, about what this was all about. THIS is precisely the sacred historic site he was tugging at peoples' heartstrings to save:

That's right, it's a FUCKING PARKING LOT! And thanks to Gordon and the so-called Friends of Upper Fort Garry, that's exactly how it will stay for years to come.

Apparently, the NNA judges were also hoodwinked by Gordon's sappy writing. Or maybe that's what is considered the gold standard in journalism these days: the ability to mislead readers and manufacture a controversy. If that's the case, then Gordo has many more awards in his future because he's been practicing it for so long it's now second nature. Even at the awards ceremony he couldn't turn off the bullshit machine:
He also singled out [with his voice trembling, no doubt] Free Press reader Currie McMillan for contacting him about Upper Fort Garry's precarious future.
Oh ya, Mr. Sinclair: hero for the little guy. Fighting for the cause of an ordinary Joe. 'Cause you know, if it wasn't for Currie McMillan, Gordon never would have known about Upper Fort Garry and the big bad apartment building that was threatening a near-by sacred parking lot.


Shaun M Wheeler said...

I heard about this when my clock radio went off early yesterday morning. I thought I was having a bad dream.

Graham said...

Well, I wasn't going to post anything about it. I didn't really know what to say. But I guess I'll leave this here in your comments...

This only shows that you can be good at deceit and lies and still get ahead in life if you know the right people.

cherenkov said...

It's a shame. There are other journalists who actually do a good job, but it's this hack who gets an award. Must be discouraging for the columnists who do have integrity.

Anonymous said...

FYI Currie Mcmillan isn't some average 'reader' but a member of Heritage Winnipeg --- which was one of the lobby groups that was behind the "Friends" campaign.

cherenkov said...

Thanks, anon. I didn't recognize the name.

Anonymous said...

You aren't very accurate with your picture/description of the site - there is actually a little park with a piece of the old wall still standing. It's not just a parking lot!!

David Watson said...

Anonymous, the historic gate was never, as in categorically not even on the table, any part of the City's land sale to Crystal Developers. It was never in any danger of being arbitrarily Starlanded. I love half truths that are never confiremd or denied by the authorities. Just in case, someone should tell Gordon Sinclair that Saddam Hussein was NOT a participant in 9/11. Barack Obama is NOT a Muslim.
While Crystal's apartments on St. Anne's Rd. are major league uninspired in design, they might have been able to muster some of originality at Fort and Assiniboine given half a chance. (Actually, half a chance is what they were given.)

cherenkov said...

anon: that picture and description is very accurate. Like David Watson said, the Fort was not threatened at all, in fact the little park was to be expanded. See this post for diagrams and more detail:
Upper Fort Gary: apartments will not destroy gate

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