Thursday 5 June 2008

Live blogging little birdies - UPDATED

Yeah, that's right. Watch out Falcon Cam, Cherenkov has up-to-the-week coverage of the little birdie who decided to nest in his yard, thereby screwing up his landscaping plans, complete with blurry pictures:

Little birdie is sitting on a cluster of wee little blue eggs, in a nest in a bush that was not supposed to be standing anymore.

Little birdie is still sitting there.

Yup ... still just, umm ... tell you what ... I'll keep you posted if anything happens.


It appears my little birdie chose her nest more wisely than the falcons. In an unfortunate turn of events, the ledge on which the falcons were nesting got flooded in the rains today and the chicks perished. Story here.

Who wants to bet that Trey will get an earful from Princess about this one? "I wanted to go back to the nesting box, but nooooo ... you wanted to try the ledge."

I checked on my little birdie this afternoon. Seems to be doing fine. Did not take a photo, as it would look exactly like the one above.

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