Thursday 31 July 2008

Thoughts on the Greyhound beheading

If you're reading this, then you have a computer with internet, which means you're already familiar with the story so I won't bother providing a link. Also because there are too many to choose from.

There is usually a sequence of events when a tragedy like this happens:

1) media saturation. Good bye Taser story. Hello dude with no head. Get the widow on the set, we love dirty laundry.

2) people trying to make sense of it all. Did they know each other? Was he mentally unstable? Was it gang related? Was it race related?

It's not gang related. Like Darcey says over at The Broom: "Beheading isn't in their toolbox". Gang bangers are pussies who shoot from cars or attack in large groups. This guy wasn't a gang banger.

Was it race related? Doubtful. Beheading is in the toolbox of some extreme elements of certain ethnic and religious groups. But the victim is reported as being native. Are Canadian Indians the #1 enemy of Islamic extremists? Do Indians behead each other? I just can't see this as being a race thing.

Was he mentally unstable? Hmmm, let me think about this one. YES. And maybe, just maybe, that's all there is to it.

3) Political opportunism. I hope to God we skip this step this time around, but I wouldn't put it past David Chartrand and his ilk to spin this into some kind of Indian victimhood story.

4) Knee-jerk reactions. Ban the Taser! Ban shooter girls and cheap drinks! Put metal detectors at all Greyhound stops! It'll happen, don't worry.

One last thought:

If this had happened in LA, the attacker would be dead. I was visiting a friend in LA once when I ran into a detour in Santa Monica. I found out why, later on TV. A high speed car chase ended a block away in a hail of bullets. It was all recorded by helicopter camera: the cops had the car surrounded, and proceeded to turn it into swiss cheese. They could have, if they were so inclined, arrested the fellow and took him into custody, but that's not the way they do things down there. I'm not saying it's good or bad -- I'll let you make your own judgment call on that one -- but it is certainly expedient and cost effective. This guy, whoever he is, will have to be in custody or closely monitored for the rest of his life. He'll also be a threat to society for the rest of his life. A carton of bullets for a Glock .45 = $45

Just sayin' ...


Anonymous said...

Keep em alive long enough to find out what the hell motivated this thing. Then put a bullet in him.

Marginalized Action Dinosaur said...

I looked at 5 msm types yesterday no one commented on the race but I figure the MSM rule is if the criminal isn't mentioned they are not white male.

My guesses are they knew each other or he's a total psycho.

So who do I make the cheque out to for this carton of bullets.

Shoot first look through his pockets later.

Right now he's having a breakfast some taxpayer paid for, needlessly.

Marginalized Action Dinosaur said...

re #4 Is me claiming we should bring back the death penalty a kneejerk reaction????


At least I have my knee jerk reactions figured out well in advance.


Anonymous said...

This guy would not get the death penealty even in kill-happy Texas.

Any lawyer would be able to make a pretty clear cut case for insanity that would get him off the hook.

I suspect that in the days to come we will learn that the suspect has been in and out of treatment for decades.

cherenkov said...

In this case, I don't think the death penalty would have deterred Mr. Li. It might make some people feel that justice has been served (especially if we brought back the guillotine). But in terms of preventing this sort of thing from happening again, the death penalty ain't gonna make a difference. Somebody that fucking demented isn't thinking about the consequences.

I suspect you're right anon.

Anonymous said...

I know the family of the young man. The MSM reporting on all the details is disgusting. We are stunned in Charleswood and deeply saddened for the family.

Suffice to have said he was murdered. I can't wrap my head around why they had to print what they did. I am disgusted by the lack of sensitivity shown to this unfortunate man's fate and to his family and friends.

cherenkov said...

If I was in the family I'd probably leave the TV unplugged for two weeks.

I tried to touch on it a bit with my reference to Don Henley's "Dirty Laundry". The media reports it because people love that shit. They don't love as in it makes them happy. They love it, as in they can't get enough. Gruesome details are a common property resource. If a media outlet takes the high road and leaves them out, they'll lose viewers to the other outlets who are anxious to grow their market share.

The Peanut sends its condolences to the friends and family of Timothy McLean.

Anonymous said...

Obviously the guy was mentally unstable however there are some mentally unstable people who make race cars out of there own poop and shove crayons up there nose, who would you prefer in your society? As far as the crime is concerned I believe this is not his first time doing so but rather his first time in public. He either is or has the potential to become a serial killer. You want motive? He did it for attention.

As for the death penalty, my feelings are not garnered by vengeance but rather by the fact that is he a threat to society? Does he have the potential to do it again? My guess is, again, that he has done this before, witness accounts have said he was like a robot when stabbing the victim. As for the second degree murder charge I think it's major bullshit! The prosecutors should opt for first degree, just because he didn't know who his victim would be when he initially got on the bus doesn't mean he didn't have this planned.

cherenkov said...

One does get the impression this is something he was planning in advance. Crazy, yet calculated. That's spooky.

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