Monday 11 August 2008

Wackos and waterparks

A little wrap-up from the weekend, now that I have a couple minutes to write ...

First, I was glad to hear that Tim McLean's funeral went off without an ensuing gong show. Cudo's to Jim Cotton and all the others who showed up to peacefully support the family or had a hand in keeping the Westboro Baptist Church wackos away. Those guys are the Christian equivalent of Al Qaeda -- reveling in death to support their twisted version of their religion.

Cudos as well to the Portage newspaper for refusing to print the tasteless PETA ad, and jeers to those papers that published it anyhow as a "news item".

How to catch a nutbar: dig a hole and throw in a severed human head. Come back in 48 hours and the hole will be filled with American wackos.


changing topics ... this story just kinda flirted by without much reaction:

Arborg to gain $330,000 aquatic park, says Doer

The province will spend $330,000 towards a new outdoor pool and water slide park for Arborg, the Doer government said today.

The aquatic park will feature three water slides, a four-lane Olympic lap pool, a spray park and a “lazy” river to drift on a floatation device. The water centre is targeted to open next summer.

Provincial funding for the project is part of the government’s push to double recreation spending to more than $60 million over the next four years.

That's the entire story. What's the deal here? Does every town over 1000 people get a waterpark? Or only ones in NDP ridings? How exactly was Arborg chosen and who selected this waterpark as their recreation expense? Does Ledohowski get $330,000 from the Provincial government for his waterpark too? C'mon guys .. the government is spending $60m here. Are you going to let them spend it willy nilly, or are you going to ask a few questions?

Four sentences. Sheesh.


Anonymous said...

The town has been fundraising for years for this project, and the local credit union initiated a lot of the idea and cash.It probably didn't raise much reaction because people have been talking about it for so long. Nearing the end of their fundraising, the government pitched in.

cherenkov said...

Thanks for the info, anon.

Anonymous said...

The $60 million includes things like the Community Club -announced during the 2007 election, in Southdale.
The NDP cross reference all press releases this way to make it seem like it's new money.

PITT said...

Rural Manitoba is dying, and even though I never go to Arborg , it's closer to where I live than Winnipeg. And I will be taking my daughter to the waterpark for sure. Like Anon said, they town has been fundraising for a long time, and sure the money the government has pitched in could be because it's an NDP riding. But the reality is it doesn't mean people are going to vote NDP , just because of the water park...people still have concerns about health care, high taxes, etc etc.

cherenkov said...

I do agree. The article kinda made it seem like it came out of nowhere. If the town has been raising money and the government chipped in from their recreation bucket that's cool. As long as they;re not randomly dropping money from an airplane.

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