Monday 17 November 2008

The Winnipeg Bus Blues

Winnipeg Transit is increasing my bus fare, but at least the service is getting crappier.

Starting today, the # 57 Southdale Express bus starts on a new schedule that reduces the already-limited number of trips that it takes downtown, and increases the wait times between buses. I now have two fewer buses going to work and three fewer coming home. I also have to be a little snappier in the morning or I'll miss my bus and be late for work.

Maybe they think that they can get away with it because of the increased cost of parking downtown, but with the reduced service I'll probably end up driving more often and taking Transit less. Either way I'll need to increase my transportation budget next year.

Mind you, they've replaced my bus shack twice in the past year, so I guess they still care about the suburbs.


Anonymous said...

The availability and reliability of public transit in Winnipeg is grossly insufficient for a city of this size, particularly one that is so poorly planned.

Anonymous said...

So how long till you say "f*** it" and start driving ?

Anonymous said...

Aww come on guys, you gotta stop complaining about Transit.

For a system that wasn't built to accommodate the sprawl and lofty expectations of the ridership who watch too many Manhattan type movies, I think it serves the ridership well enough for the price.

But then again, I drive so I really don't give a shit. You want a system that suits your every whim, then I assume you'll want to pay 10 to 15 bucks a day.

Just razzing you. Transit pumpers are out of touch and tune. This City isn't designed nor will it ever be designed to accommodate transit.


cherenkov said...

anon1: I'm too much of a greenie to drive every day.

devin/anon2: I agree that the city is poorly planned, and it gets worse with every new stucco-clad development, but they could certainly do better. Other bloggers have put ideas out there, and I've had a few thoughts on the matter before too.

For me, the big problem is that if I miss the 6:00 bus because I stayed late or went to the gym, I don't get home until 8, because I have to take a bus which only comes once an hour and meanders all over the south half of the city. It's just stoopid. They need to get small little fuel efficient buses running express routes late into the evening.

Marginalized Action Dinosaur said...

lets not forget some of the reasons for this,

first they have new GPS systems they are installing because of a human rights ruling in ontario.

second we are buying smaller and smaller buses incase someone wants on with a stroller and they don't want to take handy transit.

By my count the new busses seat 8-9 fewer than the old larger ones. More people standing and more drivers means more money.

but not for chernekov.

last you have people who don't want to fill the city in paople wanted condos by polo park on the train bridge people say no people want condos on the rail road near academy people say no people want homes on an old school near grovsvenor and people say no then the city has to grow as people live where the jerk don't fight it thus sprawl and that means more roads, taxes, etc etc.......

cherenkov said...

People want apartments near Upper Fort Garry, people say no.

Congrats on your nominations for the Infidel Blogger Awards, MAD. I'll go vote for you.

Anonymous said...

Well you can be green and still drive a car.

I pony up the money to buy Aussie Caroma dual flushes ( 3 of em ). I pony up the money to buy a controlled electrical system for my house. I plan my routes when driving. I maintain my vehicle. I am looking to invest in wind energy. I don't accept fliers. I installed low flow water shower heads, I capture rain water for the garden. I use low voltage lighting in my backyard. I removed all the grass from my yards and replanted native vegetation.

What I don't feel like spending money on is a transit system that most of you bloggers feel should be a private limo service.

You can be green but do you folk really have to come off as whiny self serving boobs looking for a free ride.

The facts are simple. You need one big draw for downtown on a daily basis. Thats the university. You don't make that move and well you get.....what you have.

Open demdose wallets because the system just got more expensive and doesn't solve your problems.

I'm so happy I have the sense to own my own horse and see nothing romantic about transit.

A new banner for Winnipeg.....

"We may not be sensible but we sure are cheap"

cherenkov said...

"you bloggers", eh? I don't think other bloggers would appreciate you lumping them in with me like that. :-)

I'm just saying that the potential of the transit system is not being maximized. If Transit service was better, ridership would increase, it would benefit downtown (imagine being able to shop downtown after work and still being able to get home!) and it may not necessarily cost non-boobs such as yourself any more.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Cheren, its not Transit that is the problem. The problem is a City that can't make tough decisions to maximize the service.

Find the one entity that would bring thousands into the downtown, reduce travel time for most of the citizens, guarantee that apartment /condo's are built downtown to accommodate the masses, leverage and maximize what is already in place , be more efficient economically and environmentally, be a positive engine of growth and revitalization, to mention a few benefits , and you will understand why the problem isn't Transit per se.

This entity is about the only thing that can benefit downtown, increased ridership does nothing if you are continuously pulling people out of the core to get somewhere else.

But you know what, its too late, seems this town will grow and cost more to maintain and the argument will never die., Well, hopefully, it will, as electric vehicles come online to negate Mass transit as a solution going forward.

And leave my lack of boobs out of it.

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