Sunday 25 January 2009

A dirty, dirty post

I enjoyed that little stretch of non-minus-30 weather that we had, although I was a little too busy to make the most of it.

The downside of course is the slush and muck. My car is dirty. Really dirty. I don't have a photo of my car to share with you, but if you don't mind I'll demonstrate with this picture:

That's what I'm sayin' .... really dirty.

Unfortunately for me, I can't wash my car now because it's too damn cold and my car would turn into an ice cube and my doors would freeze shut. I missed that 20 minute window of opportunity where the temperature was cool enough that it wasn't too slushy but warm enough that my car would have a chance to dry a little before everything froze. It think it was Friday afternoon some time.

Oh well. Such is life in Winnipeg. Looks like I'll be driving a dirty car until spring again.

Really, the purpose of this whole post was just to give me an excuse to post a picture of a half-naked girl. Seemed like the thing to do on a Sunday night. Hopefully some time this week I will be able to muster a few comments on the Federal budget or something meaningful. But until then:

thanks to this guy who keeps changing the name of his blog for the pictures.

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