Friday 4 September 2009

Friday Night Beer

Hmm. It appears that the Broom's Friday Night Blues and Beer is missing it's Beer component this evening. I knew Darcey was going through some hard times, but no beer??? It must be worse than I thought!

Oh well, I shall chip in with Green's Discovery All-Natural Amber Ale

Coming in a half-litre bottle with a pop bottle-type twist off cap, this looks suspiciously like garage brew ... but if so it's brewed in the garage of somebody with a sense of humour:

... and the garage is in Belgium.

The beer pours a hazy dark copper colour, and a foamy beige head forms, not unlike the stuff that gathers between rocks along the shore of the pacific. The foam dissipates slowly, leaving little clusters sticking to the glass.

I though the beer was reasonably tasty. I got some roasted walnuts and a hint of citrus in there. It leaves a tingly feeling on your tongue, with a little bit of bitterness of the back-end. Verdict: not bad for a beer lacking celery and crustaceans (and wheat and barley ... what makes this beer again?). 3 peanuts out of 5.

as always, get a second opinion.

... and don't forget to check out Darcey's as-always kick-ass Blues set.


Scott MacNeil said...


Ah, now I am truly jealous. Somehow the fact that I am currently sipping my cans of "Lucky" lager through a straw seems... ahem... well, a touch unsophisticated. Shame on me and my caveman ways.

(note to self: Must evolve. Must get cultured; NO MORE straws!)

cherenkov said...

LOL. I can picture the commercial: "I don't always drink beer. But when I do, I drink Lucky through a straw."

OMMAG said...

This is not beer.... You want beer... buy Half Pints IPA.

St. James or Lil' Scrapper.

I lean toward the Scrapper ... cause it's so apropos for Darcey and his tribulations.

cherenkov said...

Haha. I like your review. This is NOT BEER! True enough.

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