Sunday 4 October 2009

Introducing the bsometer

The Anybody Want A Peanut's gadgets, gauges and technology division is proud to introduce the Bull Shit-O-Meter (patent pending). There have been others, but this one is better because it accurately reflects the levels of bull shit, as detected by the AWAP BS sensors.

Here's how it works: It measures levels of disingenuosity (a.k.a. bull shit) in statements, press releases, answers, or other public verbage, on a scale of zero to four, as follows:

0 - Straight up, yo.
2 - Partially full of crap
4 - Completely and totally full of shit

So, for example, if Gilles Duceppe were to say "I want Quebec to separate from Canada", that would rate a zero on the meter because it's a genuine sentiment. However, if he were to say "I want to do what's best for Quebecers" that would rate a 3, because while there is a kernel of truth in that, it is largely crap.

Look for the bsometer in action in future coverage of politics and other things here at the Peanut.


unclebob said...

So if you start it off at 3 does that mean you view the world as relatively full of BS?

Its not that I would even disagree with you.

cherenkov said...

I do, but that's not why it's at 3: I ran a company communication from work through the BS sensors in pre-production testing.

Grumpy Old Man said...

I would like permission to deploy said BSometer within the sandbox. Not that there is ever any BS thrown about in there.

Just in case.

Thanking you in advance. gom

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