Tuesday 27 April 2010

The Peanut apologizes to it's readers.

The bitterness of my last post seems at odds with my actual mentality these days. We've had four straight weeks of sunny warm spring weather in a month when we usually get hammered by at least one "Colorado low" that buries us in snow and dashes our hopes of an early start to summer. But this year we actually did get an early start to summer. I feel happy and glad, like I have sunshine in a bag, and yet I write an unnecessary post about Colleen Simard and her psychopathic ways. Do I care if Colleen is speeding around the west end with one hand on the steering wheel, and waving a cell phone in the air with the other, as she leans out the window screaming obscenities at another car?* No. Not really. Why did I even read her column if I was in such a good mood? I don't know.

Granted, that last post has been far from the most egregious example of poor judgment displayed by this blog over the past two and some years, but the weather wasn't as nice those other years. I don't have an excuse this time. So with that in mind, I will try to be more positive. There are still certain issues that I may rant about, but I will only do so if I think the issue is of actual importance.

Wait ... what's that little tingle that I feel in my brain? It feels like .. it .. may .. be .. another rant about Upper Fort Garry. No. I must fight it. It's too nice outside to start on that.

Uh oh..

* if she was in fact driving. One of you guys at the Free Press should ask her, just for clarification.


Anonymous said...

Apologizing? For not being nicey nicey nice? Get too nice and I won't be reading this blog anymore. Go nasty or go home. (:

cherenkov said...

Don't be a pansy. Got it.

Anonymous said...

Yes, exactly.

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