Monday 10 May 2010

Spring cleaning, gonzo twins, privacy

Spring Clean-up

If you live in the St.Vital or south St.Boniface area of Winnipeg, here's something for you to do this weekend: Bishop Grandin Greenway is having it's annual spring clean-up, Saturday from 10:00 am to noon. Get outside, meet some people, and help clean up your neighbourhood.


Separated at birth?


Hey everybody! Don't look at me!

Whether you're a homeless person, or a multi-millionaire, if you value your privacy, stay the hell away from Gordon Sinclair. Gordon almost gave me a migraine this morning with his column about the couple who is listing a house for $7.4m:
the wife and mother of two -- who considers me a friend -- phoned Thursday ... she was fearful their otherwise private lives were about to become public.
... he writes, while dropping hints about who exactly the couple is (He owns a local business, recently expanded into the U.S., they have two daughters, one of whom moved to San Diego; they are well know for their local philanthropic and volunteer work; etc..), helpfully suggesting that people check it out on Google Steetview, and succeeded in getting a leader for the column on the front page of the Saturday Paper. Ya ... that's gonna help with the whole privacy situation.

Though one might suggest that by listing a, perhaps, $2m house for $7.4m, they were intentionally trying to generate buzz in media. I don't know ... you tell me:

Though it looks quite nice from the back. A nod to Modern Houses of Winnipeg blog for noticing this a week before the press picked up on it (not that it is necessarily newsworthy). See also New Winnipeg.

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