Wednesday 30 June 2010

What happens when you cross a Rabbit with a Koala?


It was about ... oh, I'm gonna say 9 years ago ... that I saw a band called Bullfrog at the Winnipeg Jazz Festival. A DJ names Kid Koala was a part of the band then, and at one point in the show Bullfrog left the stage and left Kid Koala on his own to do his thing.

Kid Koala's thing turned out to be a creative and mind blowing mix based on a Jessica Rabbit sound track. It was the most memorable part of the show for me.

Kid Koala returns to the Pyramid this year on Thursday night with a new band The Slew. I will unfortunately not be there, but I would be if I could be.

Kid Koala live:


Anonymous said...

Noticed on sandbox you were confused about the fruit flavoured tobacco issue, here's some clarification

cherenkov said...

Not confused ... just different perspective. I don't see kids smoking cigarillos and I don't think banning fruit flavoured cigs will solve anything. I remember reading your post earlier and I see that your experience is different, but I really don't think those products are targeted at kids, as the vast majority of people who purchase them are adults.

If you think those should be banned, then so should 6 packs and 375 ml bottles of booze, and lemon gin, Seagrams 5-Star, and tetra packs of wine. To what extent is our overly protective nanny-state going to chip away at our quality of life in a futile attempt to prevent kids from doing things that they're not supposed to do?

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