Monday 2 August 2010

Getting things other than the census done ...

On Friday the federal Conservative Party sent an email out to it's supporters titled "Getting things done..." In it, they list their recent accomplishments, highlighted with bold red check marks:

Investments to deliver our armed forces with the tools they need to get the job done overseas.
Agreements with the US, strengthening our commitment to open borders and free markets with our largest trading partner.
Strategic investments in research facilities and equipment at colleges and polytechnic institutes across Canada.
Improvements to our security by imposing increased sanctions against Iran.
Re-affirmed support for abolishing the long-gun registry.
The launch of a review of affirmative action hiring practices to ensure federal hiring is fair.
Continued strategic investments across the country to create jobs now, and jobs for the future.

Why that is indeed an impressive list. Hey wait a minute, I think you forgot something:

Protected Canadian liberty by replacing the mandatory long form census with a voluntary survey.

The conspicuous absence of the census announcement, even in an email to their own supporters, tells me that the federals Conservatives just want everybody to forget about it. They are too stubborn to admit they're wrong and change their mind, so they change the conversation and omit any mention of it. Eventually people -- especially the annoying press geeks -- will stop talking about it. Why the hell are those press geeks so interested in this anyhow? It's the census for crying out loud. It's the least interesting thing in the world, next to ... I'm not sure what ... something so boring that I can't even think of it.

The same email also says that there is only one way to prevent the "nightmare" of a Liberal-led coalition from becoming reality -- a Conservative majority government. Well I have this to say to the Conservatives: if you want a majority, maybe you should stop doing stupid things. Every time you build up political capital, you blow it all by peroguing parliament or doing something else that makes all those jittery voters in Toronto scamper off into the Liberal bushes. I'm telling you, the clock is ticking. The Libs won't always be engulfed in the charisma vortex of a doltish professor like Dion or Ignatieff. Sooner than you think, the Liberal Party will elect the passionate and outgoing Justin Trudeau as their leader and all the singing and piano playing in the world won't help you out.


In other news, Germany is getting attacked by radioactive boars.


GMO said...

Justin Trudeau, eh? As much as the entire CBC headquarters in Toronto has a collective orgasm at the thought, I somehow doubt Pierre's son will ever be PM. He was born on Christmas, though (in a manger!) so anything is possible.

Also, I'm pretty sure the census long form isn't mentioned on the Conservatives' list of accomplishments because it wasn't even on the radar when the flyer was developed and no one in the party thought that this would turn out to be news at all. But when you remove the grease from the squeaky wheels in this country, they sure make themselves heard.

cherenkov said...

He was born in a manger?

The list mentioned the review of affirmative action, which wasn't announced until July 22. The census announcement was June 29, so it certainly wasn't excluded because of timing.

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