Thursday 30 September 2010

Friday blog notes w/ bonus video.

Winnipeg based right-wing blogger Marginalized Action Dinosaur was booted from his web site earlier this month after a dude name Asad Raza complained to his service provider. What did Raza complain about? Mr. Dinosaur Gary Hollingshead published a post about a website of Raza's that was apparently derogatory to Canadians. I say "apparently" because Raza has pulled it from the interweb so nobody can see it anymore. So embarrassed is Raza about the stuff he posted that he has threatened to sue anybody who even talks about it. The web site included his top 8 reasons not to immigrate to Canada, which you can read here.

Some people are so sensitive.

Anyhow, Hollingshead is back up and running here.


As I am sure all of you know by now, Brian Scott has finished his book of wickedawesome Winnipeg Photos. Only 86 days 'til Christmas! .... something to think about...


Also on the subject of Winnipeg photos, Kyra found an interesting concept for a blog: 365 Epic Winnipeg Skies.

What happens after day 365? Buildings? Fences? Parkings lots? I guess we'll have to wait and see.


On a personal blog note, I seem to have been terribly wrong about Jack Layton's strategy on the gun vote. Wackie Jackie has actually plummeted in the polls. I thought he played the middle ground quite well, but I guess I don't think like most Canadians.

Also on a personal blog note, I just passed my 3rd anniversary on the bloggoshpere. Even three years ago I was ranting about Bipole III. I don't even know what to say about that.


That's all for now. Hey, it's Friday. I feel a cosmic hootenany coming on!


. said...

thanks for the mention!!!

cherenkov said...

No problem!

Shaun M Wheeler said...

I have around 400 pics of surace level parking lots if you'd like me to post 'em again...

cherenkov said...

Sure. You need another project, right?

Shaun M Wheeler said...

You know, all kidding aside, I think I still have much of the work I'd done on "SLP Heaven" on one of my website backups. Wouldn't take much to dust it off and pretty it up a bit...

Marginalized Action Dinosaur said...

Hey you linked to my blog! That's private information buster, just ask Bluehost!



cherenkov said...

@Shaun: "SLP Heaven" ... I love it. You should dust that off.

@MAD: Oops!

Crazy that your hosting service would cave so easily, though.

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