Thursday 9 December 2010

New Hugh McFadyen ads

A super quick post (because I have spent far too much time on the computer already today) about Hugh McFadyen's new ads:

I am sure several people were wondering about how Hugh would combat the negative campaign of the NDP. As an opposition party it might be a little bit harder to steer away from negative campainging because you don't have a record of your own to run on, so you have to combat the other guy's record. Still, I think these first two ads are pretty good in that regard:

I like the line in the first one: "what do you know about Hugh McFadyen? I'll put a stop to wasteful spending..." borrowing the line from the NDP ad.

The second addresses the negative NDP ads head on. This one may backfire on him because of the line "There is nothing to celebrate." I can see the NDP jumping all over that: Hugh doesn't support the Human Rights Museum, Hugh doesn't like Folklorama, Hugh doesn't like it when babies are born, etc ... It's potentially dangerous for the PCs.

Overall, much better than the ads from the last election. No cheesy actors or gimmicks.



Anonymous said...

Yeah, I was impressed by them too. Usually attack ads spawn worse attack attack ads and so on and so on until you have ads calling one leader a Nazi ( Wait a minute - wasn't that Tim Sale's characterization of Gary Filmon?)

And they also get bonus points because the headlines in the second add are correct - I've already verified them.

reedsolomon.matr1x at said...

I don't like the EXTREME CLOSE UP WHOOAAAHHHH aspect but that's me.

cherenkov said...

Imagine that: verifiable statements!

Reed: Yes, but now you have that intimate connection with him.

Anonymous said...

I just saw one of these Hugh adds for the first time today. Reasonable rebuttal to those GOP-style NDP attack ads.. but why the mega-tight close up of the mug of Senior Hugh? I can practically see right into his nostrils and up into his mind!

Spectacular viewing! Give it a whirl!!

The Traveler said...

Yes they are well done now take the high road and tell me what you want to do and how. After all we all know what they have done .

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