Thursday 9 June 2011

An award for what now??

An award for the best parking lot strikes me as being the kind of thing that you would only find in Winnipeg.

The first "gold standard" award for parking lots will be awarded to FNP Parking, operators of the Portage Place underground parkade. - fp -
Seriously? A parking lot? Congratulations! You've done an outstanding job at being a flat empty space with lines!

Okay, so we'll give out an award for parking lots, but is this really the best parking lot that Winnipeg has to offer? I mean, it's not bad... I park there for work because of convenience, and it's often where I park for Moose games or concerts. They repaint the lines periodically and indoor parking with skywalk access to the arena for $5 is pretty good. But the best? Allow me to take you through my parking lot experience today:

Go through the door with the gold star for parking excellence:

See that the elevator is still busted after more than a week:

Go into the stairwell to take the stairs, passing the used condoms:

Watch out for the exposed electrical!

Wasn't that a great experience? At least the ticket paying machine is working now. So ... congratulations to FNP! Keep up the good work!


Winnipeg Girl said...

Imagine what the WORST lot looked like!

cherenkov said...

I know!

But at least now we can be confident that all other parking lots will pick up their game so that one day, they too might qualify to put plastic signs with gold stars on their doors.

Graham said...

Faaaaaaaaantastic work.

I'm so glad I live in a city with world class parking lots.

And used condoms.

And questionable electrical wiring.

What would we DO without citizen photojournalists or the downtown BIZ?

Emma said...

I... don't even know what to say.

"An award for the best parking lot strikes me as being the kind of thing that you would only find in Winnipeg."

Well said. And now I'm off to add this to my linkroll :)

One Man Committee said...

Based on his earlier comments, I thought the mayor was going to bring Winnipeg our finest parking lot next to the baseball park? Time for him to step it up if he wants a shot at next year's award... maybe Goldie can wash your car while you're at work or at the game!

Anonymous said...

Hey that is better than my lot, the Gary Street Parkade. The stairwells there are downright terrifying!

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