Monday 4 July 2011

Storm live blog - July 4

Boy, this will be a waste of time if there's no tornado...

3:00 pm Southdale Standard Time: bubble clouds and rumbling in the distance:

3:30 pm: big heavy rain drops, but not pouring. Lightning & thunder approx 1 sec apart.

3:45 pm: okay ya, now she's raining good and hard:

4:00pm: OK, the rain has stopped and it's clearing up already. WTF? Where's my funnel cloud? What a rip. Worst live blog ever!


One Man Committee said...

Whoa nelly!

1spiritedmom said...


Shaun M Wheeler said...

I was rather disappointed too. There were a couple of lightning strikes nearby where I work (and thunder came instantaneously), but I didn't hear any sirens or emergency vehicles in the aftermath, so I assume nothing of import got hit.

cherenkov said...

A tree got obliterated in my area of town. I saw it on the news later, but don't think it was terribly close to my house. I remember seeing the flash and hearing the crack about a half second later, so I figure it must have been about a half mile away.

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