Sunday 16 March 2008

A couple quick things

I have been know to criticize the Free Press on occasion, but this weekend there were a couple of pieces that helped to improve my opinion of the paper as being something more than a forum for left-wing slaves pulling Bob Silver's plow through the tobacco fields of the Manitoba media. Okay, that analogy was pretty bloody bad, but I'm at a low point on my mental bio-rhythm right now and I don't think I can do any better.

First, there was this piece by Dan Lett, who I am becoming convinced is actually Policy Frog (he's at least a fan). Key paragraph:

We have the cheapest electricity in North America, but that is doing nothing to create wealth or opportunity in the province. What is has created is the highest per capita consumption of electricity in North America, a trend that will make it difficult for Hydro to charge the market rates it needs to be profitable.


Then there was this piece by Bartley Kives, including:

Allow me to repeat this: There is nobody in Winnipeg advocating anything other than the creation of a heritage park at 100 Main St. What the Friends and their supporters are quibbling over is the second parcel of land, at the corner of Fort Street and Assiniboine Avenue.

... The friends would rather sit back and watch Winnipeggers get spun into believing Upper Fort Garry is in danger, when in fact their all-or-nothing game is the only thing that truly imperils the park.

Which brings two questions to mind:

1) Now that Bartley has imparted some common sense to the Saturday paper on this issue, is that going to dampen Gord Sinclair's "ridiculous rhetoric" a little bit?

2) Is Bartley going to get a lashing from his boss and Friend of Fort Garry Bob Silver?

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Unknown said...

Okay, I was going to post nearly the exact same thing, so now I'm starting to wonder if you are me. Or am I you?

Either way, you're right. These were two great columns.

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