Friday 28 March 2008

Cute fuzzy Friday night thoughts

I don't have the energy nor the proper amount of stewing rage built up to discuss the nonsense that's going on with Upper Fort Garry. Maybe I'll tackle that later. Maybe not. The guys on my blog roll have it covered anyhow. Instead, I saw over on the Hack's web site that the seal hunt is on, so I think I'll talk about clubbing baby seals.

Clubbing baby seals is bad. So bad that I think I'll go join the protest .... or the hunt ... whatever this girl is doing:

A tip of the hat to OMMAG for finding that one.

Like I was saying, the seal hunt is brutal and inhumane, and it must be stopped because baby seals are cute and fuzzy. It is absolutely outrageous that cute fuzzy animals are being killed! Just look at those big black eyes. If you really really need to kill something, make sure that it is ugly and nasty-looking. That's okay. I know that it's okay because I have never seen Paul McCartney protesting the killing of ugly, nasty animals. Go cut some fins off a shark and throw it back in the water to die. That should be alright. After all, a shark with no fins can't eat the cute fuzzy baby seals that you are saving from the hunt, right?

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Anonymous said...

I know where there are some ugly and nasty politicians that nobody would miss but we do not have an open season on them .....yet!

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