Tuesday 3 March 2009

Increase the drinking age? No.

This story is a day old already, but I am not the most punctual blogger, so forgive the lateness:

One Winnipeg school division wants the minimum drinking age increased from 18 to 19:

Peter Carney, chairman of St. James-Assiniboia School Division, says increasing the legal drinking age would help discourage students from coming intoxicated to class or other school functions. <ctv>
Carney says there have been no incidents involving intoxication in his division this school year, and adds that even without a change in the law, the school's penalties are severe.
so if I read this correctly: you have rules in place already, and there is rarely a problem to begin with, so .... wtf?
"It would be nice to quote the law, and not just school rules," he told CTV News.

This appears to be a classic strategy from the socialist playbook: "even the most trivial problem can be resolved with more legislation". It's in there. You can look it up. basically, Carney wants the law changed because a few principals in his schools are too lazy to enforce their rules, on the rare occasions that it may be required.

The legal age being 18 didn't stop me from drinking when I was 15. I don't think the increase to 19 would do a whole lot. In fact it could rob young adults of some valuable experience. For me, my high school drinking years prepared me very well for the alcoholic onslaught of University. Imagine if you went in as an alcohol virgin, and got thrown into that pub-crawling, beer-bashing, Aggie How-Downing booze-fest with no prior experience of how well you handle your booze, how to contain hang-overs, or what type of sourpuss you prefer. That could be very dangerous, and could tarnish the University experience for many.

Ergo, the drinking age should stay where it is. q.e.d.


DailyrantsBlog.com said...

Hell, I'm 18 , raise it all you want !

Anonymous said...

@cherenov: The legal age being 18 didn't stop me from drinking when I was 15.

Stop you from drinking at 15?!?!

Hell it didn't stop me from drinking at 15 when the legal age was 21 and you had to fill out a form and sign it at the Commish to buy booze.

It also didn't stop me from sitting in a local 'beer parlour' at 17 and having my mom and pop walk in unexpectedly for a drink one summer evening while I tried to crawl under the table to hide.

Of course I was not only quite big for my age, and my heavy black beard made me look a lot older than I was.

In fact I sort of blended in with a couple of the older 'left behind, slow learner' types in high school that were of legal age and used to slip out with a couple of the younger teachers to the bar for a couple of barley sandwiches at lunch.

Actually when I read the story I was wondering if the real reason the principal had his undies in a knot about raising the age was so there was less risk having to buy a student a round to keep him/her quiet.

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