Wednesday 18 March 2009

Slow news day?

Jon Hendricks just told me how to check into an airport. Bottles of liquids and firearms aren't allowed? Wow, when did that happen? Thanks dude.


Shaun M Wheeler said...

Reminds me of the argument I had at the Winnipeg International Airport when they wouldn't let me bring my small vial of contact lens solution (which fell within their limits) onto the plane.

"Let me see if I've got this straight... I can board the plane wearing a Hezbollah shirt and have that protected by 'Freedom of Speech', but I can't bring my contact lens solution on board because I may be using it to make an explosive device? What a crock of sh*t!".

Scott MacNeil said...

Course you know this is the same reporter who, when covering pour recent -30s cold snap, told viewers it was 'cold'?

Anonymous said...

Most TV news is a vapid wasteland. Brain candy for the illiterate. I'm no lefty but the CBC National is the only news worth watching.

Anonymous said...

Newspaper news, on dead trees or online, totally outshines all TV or radio news. If newspapers die, expect mass ignorance to explode.

cherenkov said...

CJ: you have to put it in a little plastic baggie, because it can't explode if it's in a baggie.

Anon2: there will always be a market for real news. We'll get it somewhere.

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