Tuesday 14 April 2009

For men only

Hey guys. The thermometer is climbing outside, and you know what that means: those annoying bulky clothes are packed away and all of the cuties with the nice legs who have been hiding for six months come out of the woodwork! Now, I haven't been watching Fashion Television so this may not be accurate, but my forecast for the summer is: lots of short skirts and tight tops, with increasing hottness and an 80% chance of you single guys getting nookie (if you play your cards right).

With that in mind, I give you this valuable tutorial:

How to learn guitar ... well enough to get laid:

Now, put down the Guitar Hero, get out of your basement, and get to work!


The Traveler said...

I always found cute dog worked best

cherenkov said...

The cute dog works too, or the rent-a-baby.

If you decide to go the guitar route, here's a good starter YouTube vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0eQ7EM9riN4

Silver said...

Thank god for summer and short-almost-nonexistant-clothes.

Sometimes the good old "model look and sparkle in the eyes" thing will just do!(but please do look in the mirror before tring to pull it off) I'm too lazy to walk a dog or learn guitar!

Although i'd like to leatn it anyway!

cherenkov said...

Have you been practicing your Blue Steel?

You're lucky though ... all the girls in Estonia are tall sexy blondes with long legs. At least that's my impression from watching TV.

Silver said...

Haha noi havent seen it! But thank you for saving me from complete humiliation. I'm allready practising as we speak(as i write).

Well not all are tall and blonde, but yes Estonian women are one of the most beautiful in the world. Atleast as far as i've been.

Shaun M Wheeler said...

Learn to play guitar, eh?

By that virtue, should those who are inclined toward masturbation learn to play air guitar instead? :P

cherenkov said...

Your thought process boggles the mind, CJ.

Shaun M Wheeler said...

Man, if I had a buck for each time I heard that...

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