Wednesday 1 April 2009

I'm mad as hell and I don't know why!

As usual, whenever the world's leaders get together for a G-anything summit, people with nothing better to do congregate to protest the fact that these elites are destroying the environment, or causing kids in Africa to starve to death, or somehow otherwise destroying the planet. At this particular meeting of the League of Evil Capitalists, the protests have perhaps been a little more enthusiastic, probably because of financial crisis, and the likelihood that it's part of their grand scheme to impoverish and suppress all of the little people.

So what does all of this accomplish? One might ask. One, in this case, being myself. Well, One, I'll tell you what it does: it diverts attention away from what is actually being discussed, thereby causing even fewer people to be informed about the discussions and leading to even more suspicion about the goings on at these meetings.

Oh, sure, if the protesters were really concerned about what was happening and wanted to expose it to the world, they would not clash with police and steal headlines from the leaders. But they can't do that because there's a risk that people might actually understand what the leaders are discussing and learn that they're not actually evil. ... Or maybe the protesters actually think that they're helping to put food in the mouths of starving kids in Africa.

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