Wednesday 27 October 2010

And the winner is ...

Message to Sam: please don't interpret this as a resounding affirmation of your leadership. Make this your last term in office, and use it wisely. Finish phase one of BRT. Please. No more studies and flip flopping. (Ooooo .... Maglev!). Stabilize our finances. Focus on core operations instead of glamorous projects. You don't need the photo ops anymore. Forget about the waterpark. If it's going to happen, it will happen. Take your $7m carrot and plant it into the community club garden (if that makes any sense.)

Oh lord ... Eye or the Tiger? Really? Maybe if you walked in to Norah Jones you wouldn't be out of breath.

Message to Judy: Sorry. You have not changed anything at city hall. This whole thing has been a waste of time, but the good news is you get to spend your pension.

To the people who voted to Harvey Smith: Come here. A little closer. A little closer. A little closer. *SLAP*

About the voting process: I actually had to stand in line. What the hell, am I in Afghanistan or something? I guess I shouldn't complain about a 2 minute wait. Pretty groovy new voting tabulators though -- like little portable garbage bins. One little niggle: when you mark your vote with the marker, it leaches through to the other side, so if anyone is paying attention when the sheet is fed into the garbage muncher you can see how someone voted (somewhat) by how the black marks line up.

Message to follow bloggers Brian, Curtis and Colin: Well done, all of you. It's funny ... it wasn't that long ago that Frogger's dalliance with CJOB resulted in a 100+ comment debate about a blogger selling out to the Main Stream Media or some damn thing like that.

Oh my God, Sam. Don't Stop Believing? Really?


Shaun M Wheeler said...

Listen to him, Sam. For the love of God, listen to him!

John Dobbin said...

I asked the Charleswood candidates about term limits.

I wonder if that is one of the promises thrown under the bus as it was with Sam Katz.

Incumbents don't usually lose in Winnipeg. They last 30 years and their health status makes the decision for them, it seems.

Christian Cassidy said...

I live in Daniel Mac, I've been slapping people all night !

On CBC tonight he proudly told the camera that 'the only reason he ran' was because Andrew Swan started campaigning for Bellamy (the one who actually had the NDP endorsement).

So Harvey can do a zed-snap in front of Swan's office tomorrow and the job is done. Then Daniel Mac has to wait four more years....

cherenkov said...

Are you saying that spite isn't a valid reason to run for office?

That reminds me of that Simpson's episode when Homer tries to become a Big Brother:
Homer's Brain: Don't say revenge. Don't say revenge.
Homer: Revenge
Homer's Brain: That's it. I'm outta here.

Anonymous said...

No, no it's the Seinfeld episode where he wants to return the jacket 'for spite'!

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