Monday 11 October 2010

City Hall: Buy this land

I don't normally pay attention to these things, but I happened to notice that Manitoba Hydro is selling surplus property on the north east corner of Kenaston Blvd and Sterling Lyon Pkwy. I suggest to the City that they consider buying this land, because eventually we will have a leader who recognizes that massive traffic congestion on a major thoroughfare is BAD and that accidents involving SUVs with IKEA furniture strapped to the roof is also BAD.

Inevitably that visionary leader, whoever he or she may be, will realize that this thing needs to be fixed, and will decide to do what should have been done in the first place, which will be something like what I suggested should have been done, which was to build a north-south flyover on Kenaston with on and off ramps, and have a controlled intersection with stop lights east of the overpass on Sterling Lyon, as shown here, thus allowing the majority of the traffic on Kenaston to flow uninterrupted past this gong show of Starbucks-fueled suburbanite shoppers.

If you're unwilling to do it properly the first time, then at least buy this land, sell off the bits you don't need, and keep the rest so that a future leader will be in a position to fix your mistakes.


just to liven things up a bit, here's a photo I snapped today when I stopped for ice creme in Trehern. What a beautiful day!


John Dobbin said...

Good catch. I will put up pictures of the site on my blog with streetview shots.

Unknown said...

C'mon this is Winnipeg, we all know the city will pass on the land and Kenaston and Sterling Lyon will turn into a continuation of the mess at Kenaston and McGillvray.

Anonymous said...
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cherenkov said...

@John: Thx.

@Paul: Probably, but these bits of land aren't as accessable, so I don't expect to see any retail going in there. Maybe another suburban office complex?

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