Saturday 24 September 2011

Brain Dump for Saturday, September 24

Thoughts ..

1) Geese
The Winnipeg Free Press article on goose overpopulation touched on several ways to deal with the problem, none of which are as good as my idea: There are millions of these 15-lb pea-brained menaces assaulting our city and country side ... and there are millions of people starving in Africa. It's time for a mass slaughter of geese so that they can be ground up and shipped to the Horn of Africa where they would provide desperately needed protein to little children with distended bellies and their skeletal mothers.

2) Rex Murphy
I completely disagree with Rex Murphy this time. He proposes that the NDP change their party voting structure to give Quebec greater say in the upcoming leadership race, saying that not doing so "is not a winning formula for the long run." Perhaps his bloated vocabulary has started invading grey matter normally reserved for logic, but the exact opposite is true: Changing a fundamental party rule to favour Quebec, where there is very little grass-roots support (as evidenced by the mere 1600 memberships province-wide), is "self defeating politics". The Quebec anomaly is no more than a flash in the pan, and if they tilt their rules to favour that province they will piss off their base everywhere else.

3) Garbage
What the heck am I supposed to do with my big plastic garbage can when I get my big plastic garbage cart? This is a serious question.

4) Coloured Rods
Another Rod has joined us in the local bloggosphere. Rouge Rod started posting a little over a month ago and has kept up a torrent pace since then. Rouge joins the original Black Rod, The Blue Rod, and The Purple Rod who hasn't posted much lately. The Orange Rod has closed up shop, and there was also a Red Rod that didn't make a very good go of it. You can understand my hesitation to accept new Rods, given some of the fly-by-night rodders in the past, but Rouge seems to be making a genuine effort, so good luck Rouge!

5)Vladimir Putin
Barack Obama needs a little Vladimir Putin in him. No .. that's not what I meant. Oh God, you guys are so immature.

6) Dinner tonight
Do you leave the cover off the roaster when you're cooking a Canada Goose? What do you think: rosemary, cracked pepper and thyme?


Scott MacNeil said...

re: Geese - great idea

re: Murphy - bang on

re: Garbage cans - I say we all dump them in front of City hall as sign of protest against new $50 tax

re: Coloured Rods - If I ever see a Fuchsia Rod I will lose it.

re: Putin - he's toxic

re: Cokking Goose - cover off for last 40 minutes

cherenkov said...

Garbage cans: perhaps container gardening for inner city folk?

Coloured Rods: were you ever a coloured rod? I know you like your aliases...

Putin: just thinking Obama needs a little more *something* to get things done in Washington. Putin gets things done.

Cooking goose: thanks!

dexter said...

Garbage cans: what about the recycling bins too? Not to mention where do you store all these new rolling bins? I don't need bins that big!

Cooking goose: check with the Liberal party, I'm pretty sure their goose is cooked.

The Traveler said...

Think how many mouths could be fed on just a few of those Geese, shot them but make use of them .

1spiritedmom said...

Garbage cans can be used for shipping the ground goose to the horn of Africa.

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