Sunday 18 September 2011

Manitoba election checkpoint

Well, the election campaign has been underway for a couple of weeks or something by now, and the election day is only, um, a couple weeks or something away, so now is a good time to review how each of the parties are doing:

What does the coach always tell you? Stick to the game plan. The NDP has stuck to the same formula that they've been using for a decade: vilify the opposition and don't do anything drastic. Their motto could be No Vision, Slow Change, and Little Progress, but it's proven to be a winning formula in this passive little province. They are also milking the fortunate return of the Winnipeg Jets for all it's worth.

The PCs have let the NDP dictate the play. They could have put forth a real conservative agenda and shrugged off the nonsensical NDP attacks, but instead have chosen to try to beat the NDP at their own game with numerous spending promises, no balanced budget for 7 years, and no significant tax relief. They have the advantage on the Bipole III issue, but otherwise have not done much to distinguish themselves from the NDP. Maybe their new attack ad will work for

See Brian's blog for more on the missed opportunities by the Conservatives.

Of the three main parties, the Liberals seem to be running the best campaign so far, but I have to admit that I've only been watching them out of the corner of my eye because I don't really think they'll be much of a factor. They need to put out concrete ideas like repealing the Sunday shopping laws, in order to get people to take notice. I like what they bring to the debate, but unfortunately the soft-spoken Mr.Gerrard will have a real tough time.

The Green Party probably has the boldest ideas of the election, including free transit. In Manitoba however, the Greens are still a fringe party and thus have been excluded from most of the mini-debates so far, although Bart was nice enough to include James Beddome in his pop culture quiz. Perhaps the election of Liz May to the House of Commons will give the Green party enough legitimacy here in Manitoba to allow Beddome a run at office in Wolseley, but not if he continues to get excluded from debates.

Bottom line: if things continue as they are, the NDP will win.

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