Wednesday 13 February 2008

Good blog rolls make good neighbours

I have been out here in the blogosphere for, what, close to six months now? Maybe it's time for me to become a good blog neighbour and add some links.

The place of honour at the top of my list goes to Policy Frog. To my knowledge, Frogger was the first person to add me to his blog roll. That, along with the links that he sometimes threw my way, basically put me on the map, at least in terms of Winnipeg blogs. Though, given my hit count, "on the map" might not be the correct phrase, but you know what I'm saying.

Other sites I like, in no particular order, are (envelope please ...)

Hacks & Wonks ... I don't know about you, but if I was sick with the flu I'd be doing more blogging, not less. But get well, sir.

The Rise and Sprawl ... you all know about the Rise and Sprawl.

The insightful and quirky R. U. Sirius has apparently be hanging around with the Hack.

Waverley West and Beyond ... so much more than sprawling suburbs.

OMMAG, with his significant presence in the right half of the Canadian blogosphere.

Comments Closed has impeccable taste in reporters

Prairie Topiary ... adding some progressive balance to the blog roll

The prolific Pissing In The Tent ... the white on black is a little hard on the eyes, but minor quibble.

The obligatory Black Rod link

Endless Spin Cycle ... I won't add links to actual newspapers in my blog roll, but since Curtis is on his own here I guess it's ok.

Unapologetic Ex-Winnipegger ... so have you got the ball rolling on that new football stadium yet??

Conceit and Sociopathy ... anybody who can get through an entire month of blogging and surfing with an old Amiga deserves a tip of the hat.

OK ... That's it for now ... will tweak the list as time goes on, and add a non-Winnipeg-based list that promises to be at least a little bit different than the list that everybody else reading this has :-)


Unknown said...

I'm number one! I'm number one!

Thanks for the kind words.

cherenkov said...

Well deserved, my friend.

David Watson said...

The back of the pack is a good place to start.
Policy frog, can you hear footsteps behind you?

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