Saturday 23 February 2008

Merged IRL, Champ Car -- still no match for F1

Way back in October when this blog was still just a wee little babe with a single-digit hit count (mostly me, checking to see if it was working), I did a comparo of Formula 1 racing with Champ Car. My scorecard at the end showed F1 eating Champ Car's breakfast.

I may have to recalculate the results, with the news today of a merger between Champ Car and IRL. This merger, no doubt, is great news for open-wheel racing in the U.S. . No more canabilization of a limited market, and dilution of racing talent. However, this merger is more a case of IRL swallowing Cart. Cart has basically folded up shop and moved all of it's teams and drivers over to IRL. That means most of the racing will be oval-track, which I find to be boring. All of those fast Latin-American drivers in Cart will be driving in circles now, instead of road courses.

I'll stick with Formula 1..

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