Friday 13 February 2009

Festival Du Voyageur (bumped)

Festival starts tonight. The City still doesn't have this on their event calendar. Apparently whoever reads this blog at city hall isn't powerful enough to make that kind of thing happen.

Have a good weekend. Cheers / santé !

The Festival Du Voyageur starts up next week. The Festival is the turning point of the winter to me. Even if I don't go, I know that we're heading into the home stretch when the Festival comes around. I plan on going this year though. I may even buy a button and go twice. Of the 125 different nationalities that make up my heritage, French is one of them, and going to the Festival helps to connect me to that and adds a little wee bit to my sense of identity.

But even if you're a burger-eating anglophone (*pfft*) you should still go. There are the snow sculptures and barrels with burning wood that will make you smell like smoke when you try to warm up, and if that isn't enough to make you put on your parka and paddle down to Saint Boniface, there is also music.

Some old fav's have returned like the Dust Rhinos; my old buddy Dan Frechette is playing; and Sierra Noble returns to the Sugar Shack. This may be your last chance to see Sierra Noble performing in an outdoor tent while you eat tourtière and drink Caribou. Her song "Possibility" is starting to get some radio play and I wouldn't be surprised to see this gal go on to some big things. She's got a good voice and tons of talent. It's hard to go mainstream when you play a fiddle, but you never know.

By the way, why is our only winter festival (and the second largest in the country) not on the City's event calendar?

Sierra Noble Possibility:


Christian Cassidy said...

I couldn't believe when I heard Sierra's song on the radio. I remember seeing her as a 12 year old playing metis fiddle tunes. Good for her.

As for the city's events guide I have no clue who puts that together. A flower sale will end up being advertised on it while some huge event will get left off.

Anonymous said...

Festival is plain boring. The music is fun but the tent is so small and packed you have to fight for a seat or table. Staring at friggin' ice sculptures and the bored and freezing staff outside is not my idea of fun. There is nothing new at this thing. I fail to understand why this event commands so much attention in this burg.

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