Thursday 19 February 2009

Obama Day in Canada

The media is, like, totally freaking out about this Obama visit to Canada. What is he going to do? What are they going to talk about? Will he get out of his car and wave to people? What are they having for lunch? How will he react to the snow? Good lord people .... this Obamagasm is out of control. He's coming in to Ottawa, meeting for 6 hours with government representatives and leaving. It's an important meeting, yes, but there is not exactly a whole lot of suspense or uncertanty about what is going to transpire.

As far as I'm concerned, the most exciting thing happening today is this: The Northern Trust Open. Mike Weir is coming off a second place finish at Pebble Beach and heading back to the technical Riviera course where he won twice in a row back when it was the Nissan Open. Defending champ Phil Mickleson is having a brutal year, but is off to a good start today. Should be an interesting showdown between the two lefties and the rest of the field.

If I turn on the TV today, it will be to the golf channel and not CBC.

update (1:27 pm) -----------------

aside from a little bunker mishap on #10 ...

... Mike Weir is solid but not spectacular. Phil is tearing up the course, in the lead with a bogey-free -7 thus far.

James says that CBC is going nuts. I'll take his word for it.

update (3:00 pm) ----------------

Weir finished with a pair of birdies to get back to -1. Good enough for day one.

Phil is the club house leader at -8.

Obama has left Parliament Hill and healed some lepers en route to the airport.

3 comments: said...

CBC is going nuts today, they are giving this more coverage than any royal wedding or when Wayne Gretzky got traded. I am sure we will be hearing every little detail for the next week and we will soon start seeing commercials from the bradford exchange offering collecter dinner plates of the Obama visit to Canada. Watch the Canadian Mint come out with a Obama loonie or something .

Graham said... called the "where is he going to eat/what is he going to eat."

FreeP has a pic now of Obama handing over a canadian $20 for some cookies somewhere.


cherenkov said...

Cookie sales are going to go through the roof now.

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