Thursday 5 February 2009

Peanut Recall

I have been getting a few Google hits about the Peanut Recall by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Just to set minds at ease and clear up any confusion on the matter: this blog has not been recalled. It does not contain salmonella bacteria, and it has only caused an allergic reaction in a few people.


Silver said...

how do you know? i mean are you just saying that or did you get is tested in some medical facility?

Anonymous said...

Smart guy that you are you should be aware that there are a lot of users on the net that are seeking porno sites.

Possibly the new traffic has been caused by google users accidentally punching in an "s" instead of a "t"

On the other hand maybe you are actually seeking purchasers of some kind of new battery operated appendix without generating any censure.

cherenkov said...

My blog is thoroughly swabbed and tested on a regular basis. It is completely free of dangerous bacteria, cancer-causing chemicals, and blog-transmitted diseases (BTDs).

So for you female bloggers out there... wink wink

Bob: the last thing I need are more hits from people cruising for porn. I made the mistake of using the term "Ass Porn" in a post last year and have been paying for it ever since. link

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