Thursday 28 May 2009

Falcons and Forts

Mr.Christian beat me to it, but the Falcon Cam is back again and better than ever. If you enjoyed watching our head of state eat raw flesh, you may really enjoy watching Trey and Princess ripping apart freshly killed animals and feeding it to their ravenous (but oh so cute) baby raptors ... live!

Tip: I find that the video feed on the CBC website refreshes too often and I lose the picture. For better performance, open this URL: in your favourite media player.


Mr.Watson has another letter from Jenny Gerbasi posted on his blog. This part in particular made me shake my head:

It has been a long haul for the Friends of Upper Fort Garry but they have received the final go ahead from City Council to move forward on what will be a new Historic Provincial Park in the downtown .... The goal to get more people living downtown continues to be essential and requires action. Projects such as this soon-to-be Provincial Park help to create livibility in our downtown and will help to make it a more attractive place to live, work and play.

Jenny G needs to be reminded that the very thing this park is preventing is a downtown residential development, a usable greenspace, perhaps a farmers market, not to mention a bundle of property tax revenue. The action that is required is to tell the so-called Friends of Upper Fort Garry to screw off and to stop this money pit from proceeding so that we can get on with development that is actually beneficial to downtown.


The Rise and Sprawl said...

What nonsense! If being close to a park was such an impetus for residential development, South Main would be lined with condos by virtue of being next to a national park--The Forks.

cherenkov said...

Although I wouldn't mind living next to a park, I wouldn't want to live next to a FORT. Those walls and unoccupied buildings will provide nice cover for drug dealers and prostitutes. Of course, even if you like forts there is no need to live near it because they are kindly building a new surface parking lot to go with it.

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