Friday 22 May 2009

US Money for Pakistan Nukes?

Cruising the Pak Tribune for news that you won't find on CNN:

US Congress panel okays Pakistan aid bill

The US House of Representatives’ Foreign Affairs Committee has endorsed a bipartisan measure to authorize a combined package of $7.5 billion economic and more than $2 billion in security assistance for Pakistan over next five years.

Meanwhile, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that the Obama administration is confident that Pakistan will not use sharp increase in US aid to strengthen its nuclear arsenal.

Oh really?
Pakistan will use all options including enhancement in nuclear program to maintain balance of power and minimum deterrence.

This was said by foreign office spokesman Abdul Basit during his weekly briefing in foreign office here Thursday.

Hmmm. Well at least they're cooperating with intelligence sharing:
Pakistan and India have begun sharing intelligence on Islamic extremists, with the prodding of the U.S., in an arrangement that represents unprecedented cooperation between the two nuclear-armed South Asian nations.

The Central Intelligence Agency arranged for Pakistan and India to share information on Lashkar-e-Taiba, the group widely blamed for last November’s terrorist attack on Mumbai, as well as on Taliban commanders who are leading the insurgency against Pakistan’s government, said U.S. officials.

Wait ... what's that, Abdul?
There was no truth in the reports that any exchange of lists of Lashkar Tayyaba and Taliban Commanders had taken place between Pakistan and India.
adding: "Thanks for the 9.5 billion dollars ... Suckers."

I hope Hillary knows what she's doing.


Scott MacNeil said...

I once took an elective course called "Strategic Policy & Analysis" in the mid-80s. Hmm, if I remember correctly, I do believe the deal that has been struck between the US State Department & Pakistan would fall under that course's heading of: "WTF! The no-no's of Policy Making 101"

cherenkov said...

Yup. Support of the Taliban seemed like a good idea at the time too.

I am encouraged that Pakistan has stepped up it's fight against Al Qaeda, but somehow pumping money into this region always seems like a big crap shoot that could back fire.

Anonymous said...

Great catch Peanut.

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