Monday 11 May 2009


From the Money Grows On Trees department, the Provincial Gov't has dumped over a half-mil into land-use plans for the remote Boreal forest in Western Manitoba to support the bid for a UNESCO World Heritage Site designation. -link-

“Our UNESCO nomination has to be very detailed, starting with a vision from each of the First Nations partners on how they see the land being used and cared for."
What about those First Nations communities that want development? That want the jobs that come with building a high-voltage power line corridor? Can they be partners too? No? Only land use plans that cost tax payers millions of dollars and create zero jobs are allowed? Ok. Sorry for asking.

Before I go, can you answer one more question? What exactly is it that makes this specific area worthy of UNESCO designation that the other millions of square kilometers of Boreal forest in northern Manitoba or North-Western Ontario do not have?

see also: PF on cherry-picking comparisons.

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Anonymous said...

One must wonder what makes the West side of the Lake so compelling.

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