Sunday 28 June 2009

God hates me

I had a camping weekend planned with some friends for this past weekend. Everything was booked well in advance. With the weather finally getting nice and summer-like last weekend and a warm sunny week, things were looking good ... until the "chance of rain" forecasts turned into "100% probability of heavy rain".

The moment I stepped out of the office Friday afternoon, the rain started. Of course we were camping in part of the province where the weather would be the absolute worst. Tee times Saturday morning: forget about it. Course was flooded out and closed for the weekend. Beach: definitely not recommended. Fortunately we managed to get a fire lit in the rain, which allowed us to stay somewhat warm as we watched the 100 km/hr gusts of wind topple trees and tents all around us.

But ultimately God let us live, and some fun was actually had amidst the relentless wind and pissing from skies. I guess if God really hated me my campsite would have looked more like this one, a few spots over:

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