Sunday 21 June 2009

This weekend

This weekend I sat outside and had a Gin and Tonic. In the evening. On a patio. In a short sleeve shirt. And I was not cold.

This weekend I went golfing, and wore shorts. And I was not cold. In fact, I was very warm.

This weekend I BBQ'd smokies. I put cheese, mustard, onions, ketchup and relish on the smokie, and I saw that it was good. Then I ate it and I confirmed that it was good. Then I ate another one.

This weekend I saw a spider eating a canker worm. Good spider. We need more like you around here.

This weekend I watched less than one hour of TV.

This weekend I got a little dirt under my fingernails, and I realized that I need to trim my finger nails. Especially the ones on my right hand.

This weekend I stole a Tag Heuer watch from a jewlery store.

I lied about that last one.

This weekend I turned on the AC during the day, and left the windows open at night. And I was not cold. In fact, I was quite comfortable.

I hope next weekend is something like this weekend.

1 comment:

Manitoba News said...

Don't worry , Winter will be here in ......4 months !

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