Friday 12 June 2009

Productivity Killer

Have you checked out the new shot tracker feature on the web site? It's pretty cool. And if I say something's cool ... well ... you might want to get a second opinion. If you're a golf geek I'm sure you'll agree, at least.

There are different views that you can go to, including a visual representation of the leaderboard:

But my fave is the Group Close Up:

Anyhow, between this and the Falcon Cam, etc.. my computer workspace is starting to get a little cluttered:

I think I need a bigger monitor. How do I explain this to my boss?


Scott MacNeil said...


You explain the need for a bigger monitor to your boss in the following terms. You do not merely want to perform on "par" with others. You want to avoid the inherent "hazards" of working off a screen that is too small. You want to excel, to bring an optimum "eagle" eye to everything you do. You want to ensure there are no "boogies' in your life, no digital "divots" that will impede you taking a clear shot at the goal, at the "hole".... you want to tell him, only minors and losers play on "miniature" courses... err, screens. You want to tell him that the big boys, the winners, the contenders, all play on large courses with stunning vistas. You want to say that your "drive" must be challenged... and that only a BIG SCREEN will do!

Good luck!

cherenkov said...

I'll give it a try, Arse. Thanks for the suggestions. Plan B: follow him around town with a camera and blackmail him with compromising photos.

Shaun M Wheeler said...

Trust me, I know from experience: blackmail is rarely successful these days , thanks to the power of photo editing software and printers that print real photographs. You didn't REALLY think my boss was at that KKK rally, did you?

On a serious note, instead of a bigger monitor, why not add a second video card and a monitor of equal size?

cherenkov said...

I guess now is the time for me to admit that I told a teensie weensie lie. I have a CRT monitor that I plug into my laptop, in addition to the laptop screen, so I actually have plenty of workspace. It's not as funny that way though.

Shaun M Wheeler said...

Fair enough!

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