Tuesday 25 January 2011

Another roundabout!

Even though the only way you'll catch me in East Kildonan is if I get kidnapped or drive without my glasses on, I am very happy to learn that E.K. is getting a new Roundabout, because it means the City has not let the traffic circle debacle of last fall scare them away from building proper roundabouts.

Those of you who are new to this blog may not know this, but I have a bit of an obsession with roundabouts. I advocated for them two years ago. I rejoiced when they built one in my neighbourhood, and I'll complain about four-way stops to anybody. That is why I was slightly concerned when those little mutant "traffic calming circles" caused a shit-storm to erupt that even had the Director of Public Works basically saying on TV that people were too stupid to use them. Fortunately common sense has prevailed and a properly designed roundabout is still recognized as a efficient traffic control device.

In fact, if you elect me as mayor, I pledge to replace four-way stops with roundabouts whenever possible: everytime an intersection with a 4-way stop is due to be rebuilt, if it needs to be torn up for a major repair, or if traffic congestion demands it.

Not only that, if you elect me as mayor, I will

  • implement a one-in-one-out policy for traffic lights. Do we really need to put up another set of lights on route 90? Fine .. let's figure out how to get rid them somewhere else. We rely far too much on lazy planning.
  • actually implement traffic analyst recommendations regarding speed limits.
  • restrict new residential development on the edge of the city until somebody can convince me it's absolutely critical.
  • ensure that all new development -- residential or commercial -- is properly funded, so that we don't build neighbourhoods without schools or massive commercial developments without proper infrasturcture.
  • Get rid of red light cameras in areas where .. wait ... what? The election was last year? Damn. Never mind.

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Gustav Nelson said...

I like roundabouts, anything that can keep the traffic flowing and roundabouts are more effective at limiting speed and keeping drivers cautious.
I take exception to your comment of the need to control traffic though.

Sean Carney said...

You've got my vote - if I can remember this that far in the future.

RM said...

A little early for electioneering, isn't it. Regardless, I'll vote for ya.

cherenkov said...

I'll put a reminder on my calendar to start my campaign before the election next time.

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