Wednesday 19 January 2011

Well that was interesting...

I was just shutting things down for the night when I heard a noise from outside. Peaking out the window, I saw a little old lady with a cane, wearing slippers and a pink housecoat, walking down the street.

I kept watching as she dissappeared out of view. That's ... unusual. And not right. I should probably go see if she's okay. Should I go out there? If I don't go and she ends up falling in a show bank and freezing to death, like that lady in Toronto, then I will sort of kind of be responsible. I should probably go...

So, after quick consultation with the wife, I put on my jacket and braved the -25 windchill. By the time I caught up, she was around the corner and half way down the next street, heading towards a busier street and a retention pond.

As it turns out, my services were not really needed. Her husband, who apparently was a little less indecisive than I, had a head start on me. Watching him chase after her was a little like watching the Boissevain turtle races (I would imagine). Her: determinedly walking at a brisk 1 km/h towards the west. Him: racing behind her at a blistering 1.2 km/h yelling "Hey, where the hell are you going? Get back here you stupid woman!"

Anyhow .. everything was fine. Apparently she had "watched too much late night TV" and decided to go for a walk. I can understand that. But to where, nobody knows, and the lady wasn't talking.

I walked back with them for a while and watched them both walk up the driveway of their house, which, as it turns out, is right across the street from mine. I had talked to the husband a few times before, but I had no idea he had a wife. Now I do. Good to know.

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Bravo for taking the time to care

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