Sunday 20 January 2008

Bipole Disorder : New Website

More on the Hydro Bipole3 east-side west-side debate... I wrote about it here and Policy Frog has had a number of good posts about the issue. If you're concerned about how your tax dollars are being spent, if you're concerned about the environment, you can't let this issue fade away.

Now there's a new web site out there dedicated to bringing attention to this matter: . There are a number of links to news articles and such, as well as a blog and of course an and on-line petition. Check it out.

h/t: curtis

-- UPDATE -- 01/21

The first comment on the blog is a beautie:

Stay away from the eastside. Hollow Water First Nation has blockaded once already and will do so again if necessary. The government has already shown a lack of consultation in regards to our traditional hunting,blueberry,wild rice and trapping grounds. Hollow Water will not be easily convinced.
Hydro along the eastside will be the beginning of unsustainable development from maximizing mining/logging corporations and encroaching cabin lot owners, which is encouraged by government so they can collect more tax money at the expense of our pristine environment and local residents.

by Danelle Bushie, who I can only assume is a relative of Chief Ian Bushie of Hollow Water blockade fame. I thought about replying, but I suspect there is not much point.


Unknown said...

Bipole Disorder, love it! They totally should have used that name for the website. It would make an awesome line for the Tories as well (certainly better than "Doer's Daffy Detour"), except you know that 11 people in the province will be offended and the media will report it like it's 11,000.

cherenkov said...

Thanks! ya, it's okay for me to use, but it certainly doesn't pass the PC sniff test. The Tories are welcome to borrow it if they want, but I wouldn't recommend it.

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