Thursday 10 January 2008

Harper's billion dollar present

We found out today that Stephen Harper is handing out $1b to the provinces to help industries that have been hurt by the high dollar. That is ... if the budget passes. Harper may have miscalculated on this one, as he is quickly being criticized for tying this to the budget. Charest said "I don't think the forestry workers of Quebec deserve to be a part of an election campaign" and I might agree with him, actually. It does seem a little manipulative.

One notable person who had no problem with it, of course, is our thirsty Premier Gary Doer. Not one to ever complain about getting more money from the Feds, Doer said (and I quote) : "Gimmie. Gimmie. Gimmie. Money! Money! Money!" ... or something like that.

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