Tuesday 15 January 2008

A water park for Winnipeg?

This just in: City ready to pour $7M into water park

Wednesday morning the mayor will ask members of his cabinet to approve a plan to ask the private sector for proposals to build an indoor water park somewhere in Winnipeg using up to $7 million of city cash.
The water park would be run privately but “remain accessible” to ordinary Winnipeggers, said Katz. “I would be shocked if we did not get a good response”.

Not that I would ever question Sammy's judgment or anything, but what kind of a water park would $7m get ya? Hot off the presses in Ottawa:
SunnyLand Amusement Resort, the new $50-million Limoges water park planned for the capital region's eastern edge, will open in June 2009 regardless of whether a competing park opens not far away to the southwest ... He said the park will boast a wave pool capable of holding 2,000 people and more than 20 other water rides, theme rivers, interactive youth entertainment and attractions aimed at a wide age group. <link>

The competing park by the way is a little more modest (10 rides), but is being planned without any government assistance.

So how much money will the private sector kick-in in Winnipeg? $43m? $20m? Will CanadInns take the 7 mil and build a waterpark on to one of their hotels that they were planning on building anyway? Before I get too excited about this proposal, I have a whole lot of questions that need to get answered. Here's an idea though: how about the soon-to-be-abandoned Canada Post building in downtown Winnipeg? Will the near-by Radisson step up to the plate?

We may have a longer skating rink that Ottawa, but I suspect that we'll get our asses kicked in the water park department.

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Anonymous said...

This has been a conversation for some time here in Winnipeg. I think it's about time that the private sector of Winnipeg get off their wallets and cash into the community. I'm pretty confident that Mayor Sam will get the deal done for a $50 mill park.

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