Wednesday 16 January 2008

Stephane is schizophrenic

With apologies to the schizophrenics out there ...

The National Post has some intriguing insight into the mind of our fearless Federal opposition leader today. The article (also picked up by CTV news) quotes Stephane Dion as saying that we might have to "tackle the problems that often originate from Pakistan". Is this the same guy that wants us to pull out of a combat role in Afghanistan?

So, um, Stephane. Are Canadian troops going to be part of this NATO force to invade Afghanistan?

In an example of the disconnect between Dion and reality, he states that wants to "help Pakistan help us pacify Afghanistan". Let's see how Pakistan feels about that:

"any operation by any other country inside our borders will be regarded attack on Pakistan" <source>

ok then.

h/t: the Broom

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