Thursday 17 January 2008


Yesterday I wrote about Stephane Dion's odd quotes about NATO "helping" Pakistan secure it's border with Afghanistan. Today on the National, I just about pissed myself watching Mansbridge grill Dion about his remarks. Funny stuff. Watch it if you can. Apparently, the "option with the NATO forces" that he was referring to is the option of nicely asking Pakistan if they please wouldn't mind doing something with the insurgents in the mountains.

Two days ago I wrote about the city's water park proposal. Well, PolicyFrog has been doing some thinking too, and has some insights on the issue that are well worth checking out (as usual). I echo some of the Frog's apprehensions, and am slightly concerned that Katz's desire to see a big shiny waterpark added to his legacy as mayor may be the primary motivation behind this $7m contest. I should reserve judgement though, until I see how it pans out.

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