Tuesday 4 December 2007

Mulroney, Schreiber, and the Bag Full of Cash

I'm already getting tired of the Mulroney-Schreiber circus. But .. I feel compelled to finally comment. First I'll get up to speed on the latest developments by seeing what the great CBC has to say about it: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/story/2007/12/04/schreiber-arrival.html

Lessee ...

Karlheinz Schreiber told a federal committee Tuesday he didn't discuss money with former prime minister Brian Mulroney during a private 1993 meeting when he was still in office, but that the two made an oral agreement to work together when Mulroney returned to private life.
When asked by Conservative MP David Tilson if any of the monies he was planning to give Mulroney were compensation for anything Mulroney did for Schreiber while he was prime minister, Schreiber said "No."
Well that's interesting. It seems there were no business transactions while Mulroney was in office, nor is this related to Airbus. What else is there? Surely there must be some indication of impropriety somewhere? Ah ... here we go:
One of the key questions of the whole affair that has never been answered is what services Mulroney provided in exchange for the money.
I have an answer for that "key" question: IT DOESN'T FUCKING MATTER! If Mulroney didn't live up to his obligations under a contract as a private citizen, that is a civil matter between him and Schreiber. It is of no concern of the public.

This whole thing is rat trap designed by Karlheinz to keep his ass out of jail in Germany. Even Pat Martin and the Liberals acknowledge that, but they play along because "we need him". Need him for what? The guy has no credibility, and he has been delaying deportation to Germany for eight years, tying up our court system and costing tax payers millions of dollars. However, we can't let him go because there is a chance that he might say something that could sway a few gullible Ontario voters to switch over to the Liberals and NDP, if they spin it the right way. In other words, political points are more important than justice or tax dollars.

Let's just deport the fucker already, and get back to the business of running the country.


Anonymous said...

Have you considered that an admission of intent from person offering the bribe makes them equaly guilty?

A darn good reason why bribery goes on!

cherenkov said...

Oh ya, bribing is one way to get things done, and I suspect that it happens more than we know. But even if a bribe took place here (and I'm not so sure it did), I think both of these cats are too smart to ever get pinned with it.

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