Sunday 27 January 2008

Oh that nutty Chavez

Getting bored with things back home ... let's see what my favourite mad man is up to:

Chavez calls for anti-US alliance

The vehemently anti-US leader says Nicaragua, Bolivia, Cuba and Dominica should create one united force ... Mr Chavez has urged them to draw up a joint defence policy and create a united military force against US imperialism. "If the US threatens one of us, it threatens all of us," he said, "we will respond as one."

Whatever. Even Hillary isn't scared.

It might be the coca paste that he's admitted chewing on a daily basis, but it seems that he's also trying to pick a fight with Columbia over, um, who the hell knows? Even his own people are telling Columbians to ignore the rantings of their increasingly erratic leader:
While Chavez continued saber rattling Colombia, his former Minister of Defense Raul Baduel sent a message to that country not to pay attention to what Hugo Chavez may say ... to not pay attention to their own Commander in Chief's attempt to distract the attention of the people form the mess Chavez has created.

And one hears daily the rumblings not only from the people, but more and more from his own collaborators and remarkably, from Hugo Chavez himself. In the middle of his threats agaisnt Colombia, Chavez now regularly sprinkles his speeches with rants and loud statements about his Governments inability to accomplish anything, as if he were not the Chief of State but some sort of outside comptroller checking things out. -link-

I suspect the end is near for old Chavismo. We can only hope.

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