Friday 30 May 2008

See Gary Spend, Part II

Dan Lett has a column today, where (if I can boil it down) he essentially says the new legislation is a non-issue. However, he eventually makes the following point:

Even if the NDP wanted to require the province to balance its consolidated budget on a rolling, four-year basis, it could continue to balance the operating budget on an annual basis if only to save itself from criticism.
This is exactly what they should have done. Not to save themselves from criticism, but to give taxpayers confidence that they won't spend us into oblivion if Hydro has a few good years. The NDP has done little to give us confidence that they can control their spending -- for example, drawing down the Fiscal Stabilization Fund even though the economy was in full flight and transfer payments were increasing.

Hydro has only lost money once in the last decade. This IS essentially a free pass to increase spending, Mr. Lett.


I went to the PC Manitoba web site to see what they had to say about this bill, and found ... nothing! There is nothing but one month-old press releases under the "Current News" and "Where We Stand" links, and there is a tiny link to an audio clip that gives no detail about the bill. WTF? If you're going to get all fired up about a bill and ask people to speak to the government about it, why don't you have something on your web site? Explain to us exactly why you think it's a bad bill!


PITT said...

For a long time, the PC's have done little with the internet. They should have a full time person hired to put question period on youtube, and to update the website ....DAILY. It's 2008 , not 1988.

cherenkov said...

Yup. Even a part time person to keep it current would be a start. YouTube videos of key parts of QP is a good idea. Also, analysis of issues and bills.

Make your web site the place to go for a conservative perspective on all things related to governing Manitoba, especially if you don't like the coverage that you're getting in the MSM. ... my advice to them.

PITT said...

And that is good advice indeed.

Unapologetic Ex-Winnipegger said...

If it's not a big deal then perhaps Mr. Lett should be asking why the NDP feels compelled to enact this legislation in the first place. What would his credit rating be like if he could only manage to balance his personal finances once every four years?

Anonymous said...

apoplectic ex winni
1 in 4?
1 in 40?
When you live in isolation, why would you care?

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