Wednesday 11 June 2008

The world according to Garth

From Garth Turner's blog:

The moment Stephane Dion has been waiting for, the launch of his plan to heal both the economy and the environment, draws near. In speaking with him in private, I got the sense this is his time. ... Destiny may not be the right word in his mind. But it’s not far off.
Ooooo. I'm all tingly with anticipation.
It has taken a toll on everyone to eschew key votes and keep an undeserving government alive. The trolls are vicious, workers and loyalists dismayed, reporters dismissive, donors turned off and troops restive. Dion knows that, of course, but he has soldiered on to a moment of his choosing.
Really? The moment of his choosing is after Liberal party workers, loyalists, troops and donors have lost faith in his leadership, and the press is dismissing him? Wow, his intellect is obviously on a whole different plane than mine. (please no snarky comments).

He has to pull the trigger sooner or later. It would be really embarrassing to allow a minority government to survive an entire term. Let's see what trick he has up his sleeve (nitrogen taxes??) . Garth has my expectations up pretty high.

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