Wednesday 23 July 2008

Don't tase me, bro

Prepare yourself for another 2 weeks of non-stop Robert Dziekanski footage, as the news programs cover the apparent Taser death of 17 year old Michael Langan, along with the resulting cries from the irrational masses to "ban the Taser".

Unlike PITT and JDS (who I'm not saying are irrational ... although they might be on occasion), I DO support the use of Tasers. Like I wrote back here

the death of Robert Dziekanski was regrettable, and the police may have been a little trigger-happy with their 50,000 volt toys, but it is undebatable that the use of a Taser is still a far better option than the use of a gun in subduing an unruly person in close quarters.
While all of the details have yet to come out, it appears this kid put himself in that position:
"They repeatedly asked him to disarm himself and to drop the knife," const. Jacqueline Chaput said. "The male refused to comply and at that point the electronic control device was deployed.
Remind you of anybody else?

The mother says "they might as well have taken a gun and shot my son." Well, you know what? That's exactly what they would have done if they didn't have Tasers. At least with Tasers there's better than a 99% chance he'll live.

Every use of the Taser should be reviewed to ensure the circumstances were appropriate (shooting each other in the ass at a party is not appropriate, by the way), but ban the Taser? Fuck that. If you support banning Tasers then you support increased death of idiots who don't understand that threatening other people puts yourself in harm's way as well. I guess you could call it natural selection, but I'm an old softy and I think that these idiots should at least be given a fair chance to survive the encounter and turn their lives around.


Anonymous said...

Man I love those Tasers.

Every cop should have one.

Fenris Badwulf said...

There you go, thinking again.

The media love taser deaths because they can sell papers with the coverage. The 'investigation' and 'reasoned commentary' does not exist ... its just a printed toilet paper version of telemarketing: pull on the heart strings, pull on the purse strings.

Just as every gangbanger shot in the head in Toronto is 'turning his life around', so too every knife wielding hood is as cute as a baby harp seal. It sells papers. As for the spent souls that the newspapers are built on, who cares?

cherenkov said...

Anon, your enthusiasm is slightly disturbing, but if you like tasers, check this out.

Fenris, thanks for dropping by The Peanut. Of course the parent(s) of these "good kids" never shoulder any of the blame for the years of neglect that turned their son into the punk that he is. All of the blame goes to the racist trigger-happy police.

Anonymous said...

How many pucks have to die before they learn pulling a knife or screwdriver or whatever on armed police officers is going to get them shot or if they are luck tasered.

I mean the justice system is such a joke it is easier to just give up, spend 45 minutes in the Remand Centre and be out for dinner and another round of stealing.

PITT said...

The kid should have just gave up....he would have been released on a promise to appear , and he would have got probation. He is more than likely the same little bugger that is breaking car windows in my office parking lot which is about 3 blocks from where this all happened.

cherenkov said...

You're absolutely right. The kid should have dropped his knife and given up.

I really have to wonder what kind of outcome they envision when they refuse to comply with police orders to disarm.

Sorry to hear about your parking lot problem. I guess we can test your theory now, eh?

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